Floorplex wet area flooring
Floorplex is the new generation of structural flooring for wet areas. Easy to cut and handle, lighter, and safer than the traditional systems.

Designed to offer an easier solution to the fibre cement flooring, Floorplex has been designed to eliminate many of the issues that arise when using a structural wet area flooring product. This can save the builder and installer time and cost savings, without compromising performance or compliance.

Floorplex has been designed to utilise standard saw blades, drills and fixings, eliminating the need for expensive tools or blades for installation whilst making the installation process very similar to current systems.

Floorplex also comes in lighter than other flooring products, saving energy from lifting and moving sheets, and with a two-in-one product, there is no more worries about the right product being used in the right areas. Floorplex can be used internally and externally when installed as per our install guide. 

Floorplex also removes the hazardous materials that are associated with some other products, making it saver to cut and use on site. 

Designed to be one of the most user-friendly systems with time and savings to be made, Floorplex will be your choice of structural wet area flooring within moments of use.

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Wet area flooring system

Floorplex is about making life easier for the builder and installer, by eliminating many of the issues associated with other similar products currently on the market. Easy to cut and handle, lighter, and no hazardous materials. 

Floorplex can save the builder and installer time and costs.

simple installation
Floorplex has been designed to be easy to install.
- Easy to cut - only a standard saw blade is required
- Easy to drill and fix - can be screwed or a nail gun used
- Lighter than Fibre cement sheets
safe to use
Floorplex does not contain any hazardous materials, which makes it safer on site for all builders and installers.
2-in-1 solution
Floorplex has been designed to assist in making construction simple. Floorplex has taken this approach by offering a product that can be used both internally and externally (when installed as per our guides) to eliminate the worry of the wrong product being installed in the wrong area.

CBMA Floorplex is the ideal solution for wet area structural flooring. Designed to save time and costs, Floorplex is the simple and effective flooring option.

Floorplex has been designed for many applications including: 

Townhouse | Apartments | Bathrooms | Balconies

Manufacturing Tolerance
Dimensions –  Overall
2700mm x 600mm x 19mm Width / Length: +/- 2mm
Depth: +1.5mm -0mm
Profile Tongue and Groove – Long edges
Characteristics Blue in colour
Panel Layout Horizontal and/or Vertical
Weight (Approx) 19.8kg/m2
Modulus of rupture (Wet) 21.2MPa AS2908.2
Water Permeability Pass AS2908.2

Floorplex has been tested and certified by independent industry professionals including NATA accredited laboratories.

Combustibility Pass as non-combustible AS1530.1
Load  Pass – Activity A – Domestic and Residential Occupancy – NATA tested – Report 21-0447-B AS1170.1 – Table 3.1
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