Eboard cladding
Eboard is a non-combustible cladding panel. Easy to use, cut and install, Eboard is an ideal option to achieve a quick and effective cladding option.

Eboard 10mm panel that has been designed to remove costs from traditional cladding options. Eboard can be cut and drilled with a normal saw just like timber, however unlike timber, Eboard is non combustible.

Eboard can coated with render or paint, making it an easy and cost effective option to clad any building.

Eboard can also be used as a multi use panel where heat or fire maybe involved such as around heat sources or backing panels. Eboard can also be used in many other applications around a construction site.



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general purpose cladding panel

Eboard is a non combustible general purpose cladding panel. With multiple uses in and around a construction site, eboard is very universal. 

Eboard can be used as a general cladding that can be painted or rendered to suit the design of the building, making it a cost effective solution to other cladding options. Being non-combustible, eboard may also be used in areas that may require heat resistance such as around heat sources. 

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easy to handle
Eboard has been designed to offer a superior product that uses of Fibre Cement and wood will appreciate. Eboard can be cut, drilled and fixed just like wood, utilising standard blades and drill bits whist not containing any hazardous materials in the product making it safer on site for all workers. Eboard does not contain any hazardous substances making it safer for onsite
cost savings
Eboard not only provides a non-combustible multi use panel, but also a very cost effective solution compared with other products on the market, such as fibre cement, timber and wood cladding products.

CBMA Eboard is a multiuse non combustible panel. Designed to provide a simple and effective solution for many applications on site.   

Townhouse | Apartments | Cladding | Non-combustible

Manufacturing Tolerance
Dimensions –  Overall
2400mm x 1200mm x 10mm
2700mm x 1200mm x 10mm
Width / Length: +/- 2mm
Depth: +1.5mm -0mm
Profile Square edge
Characteristics Pink in colour
Panel Layout Horizontal and/or Vertical
Weight (Approx) 12.8kg/m2

Zerobound has been tested and certified by independent industry professionals including NATA accredited laboratories. Zerobound has been accredited with CodeMark certification.

Combustibility Pass as non-combustible AS1530.1
Weatherproofing Pass AS4040.2
Wind Classifications N1, N2, N3 AS4055
Thermal Rt(summer) 2.8m2K/W and Rt(winter)3.1K/W (R2.7 batts) AS/NZS4859.1
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