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When building your medium density project, CBMA can assist with a full package of cost and time saving items, making your project more time and cost efficient.  

We have a range of cladding, fire rated walls, and flooring products that can be utilised to save time and costs. 

  • Apartments ,townhouses, dual lockup, multi-residential, zero allotment, party walls, boundary walls, detached homes and more…

All of CBMA products have been designed to assist in reducing labour, time and general costs as well as making the systems as simple as possible. All CBMA products are tested to the highest Australian standards with many of our products holding the CodeMark certification. 

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Firezone Link

FRL 60/60/60 party wall system

Zerobound Link

FRL60/60/60 fire rated boundary wall

Eboard Link

A multi-use cost effective cladding panel

Floorplex Link

Structural sub floor panels

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